Can You Make Money Selling Books on eBay and Amazon

I get asked all the time can you really make money selling books on eBay and Amazon?  The answer is absolutely YES!  If you know how to do your research and where to source your books then you will be setup for success.  I will make detailed post about how to research books and also where to source books to sell on eBay and Amazon, but for now I will give you a brief overview.

  1. How to research books to sell on eBay:
  • I use a app call FBA Scan made by Asellertools. You can also use the amazon seller app, but it will take longer to scan and research books. If you are just starting I suggest start with amazon app and then upgrade to FBA Scan.  This is one of the best tools on the market to help you make money selling books on eBay and Amazon 
  • When buying a book you want to make sure that it has a rank of 1 million or less, unless the book is worth a large sum of money and it’s worth setting on the bookshelf for a year waiting to sell.
  • When buying a book you want to make sure the price is worth at least $10
  • I setup FBA Scan with triggers and if the book meets my requirements then I will get a green buy button. This tells me that the book is a good find, and then I will purchase it.


I have included a little video of a book hual I did at a very small local library.  I spent about 20 minutes of my time and $9 cash, and I was able to list the books for $161 which is amazing ROI.

  1. Where to source books: A lot of this will depend on where you live, but here are some tips
  • Local libraries – A lot of libraries have book sale clubs that you can become a member of for a few bucks. This is worth its weight in Gold because most libraries do not just sell library books but also donations that do not have library tags on them.  Books normally range from .50 – $2
  • Thrift Stores – You’re going to pay a little more, but they have large inventory. TIP: Try to find a couple good thrift stores that do not have book selling stores on amazon and eBay. Books normally range from $1-$4.
  • Garage Sales – Great place to get a deal, you can sometime just bulk the books together and get a discounted price. Books normally range from .25-$1
  • Estate Sales – Same as with Garage sales but you can find older books at estate sales.
  • You can also use to find large book sales in your area

I hope this post about how to make money selling books on eBay and Amazon has been informative.

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