Make Money Flipping Thrift Store Treasures

I don’t just want to know how to be frugal, but I want to know how to make money while living a frugal life style.  One of my favorite ways to make money is to find thrift store treasures and then flip them on eBay.  I have been flipping stuff on eBay for over 10 years now, and in the article I am going to show you how I make money flipping thrift store treasures on eBay.

Items you will need:

  • Cell phone with eBay app install
  • General knowledge about some category of items you would find in the store. If you know all the fashion trends then look at clothing,  electronics then electronics, etc.
  • Patience

Let me give you 2 examples of thrift store treasures I found that I made some serious money with

  1. I was looking around one day and saw a tri-pod, but this was not your regular tri-pod this was a monfrotto tripod which I have sold before and new that it was worth some money. Purchased the item from a local thrift store for $7.99 and then took it home and sold it that night for $114.95.  I made a $106.96/profit with about 30 minute’s work of work.
  2. I was at a different thrift store and saw a bunch of wall coverings and did my research and purchase all 7 for 32.50, then when home and sold all sever for $400. A $367.5/profit that I made just looking for the diamond in the rough.

The System:
Please note that most of the stuff in a thrift store is junk, and you will have to train you eye to spot those thrift store treasures, and always make sure that you do research on every item so that you are not buy junk.

  • First, I do to a local thrift store and browse the items
  • When I find and item of interest I will pull out my phone and open the eBay app and search for the item. I prefer to use the exact model number if possible so that I am sure I am comparing apples to apples.
  • Once you click search, then you will need to refine the search and swipe completed, and sold so that you are only looking at items that sold on eBay. You don’t want to purchase an item that some one listed but never sells, and you want to see what people are actually paying for the item.  This step is extremely important, so make sure to do all the research before you purchase an item.
  • If I see that a couple of these items have sold and I can make at a minimum double my money after paying fees and shipping then I will purchase the item.

I have included a quick video on how to use the eBay app to research products


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