eBay Returns: How to Deal with them like a Pro

I know that an article on eBay Returns is not popular, and most likely made you cringe just by seeing the words on the page.  I know if you are like me and you open your eBay message and see a return it can unleash a mass of emotions at one time such as sadness, anger, fear, shock, etc.  I want to put your mind at ease and show you the best way to deal with eBay returns the right way.

  1. Set your account up for returns, so that you return process is automated
  • Here is a video that walks you through the eBay return process

  • Here is a video that walks you through how to setup for automatic eBay returns
  1. Once you get a return notice eBay will automatically provide the customer with a return label, then they will ship the item to you.
  2. Once the item is returned, issue a refund

Now that is how everything works in a perfect world, but below I will deal with issues where those steps are bypassed or do not apply

  • What if someone opens a case instead of a return:
    • I hate when this happens because it will freeze those funds until the case is closed. Here are some steps to help resolve the issue.
      • Upload tracking information
      • Included a message in the case for any updates you have. This is important because if eBay needs to close the case they will review the messages and make final decision.
        • State if buyer refuses to return item
        • If buyer never contacted you about issue
        • Details about transactions and the issue
      • If you need to issue a refund: Do not wait to issue the refund because if eBay has to step it in and issue the refund and close the case that is going to affect your seller score specifically cases closed without seller resolution.

In the comments please tell us how you deal with eBay returns or maybe even your worst or best experience with an eBay return.