The Best Places to Source Items for eBay

The absolute hardest parts of selling online is finding Best Places to Source Items for eBay.  Inventory is a never ending battle, but in this article I am going to give you a list of some of my absolute best places to source items for eBay.  I have been selling on eBay for over 10 years and some of my favorite honey holes for sourcing I just learned about in the last year.

Here are my picks for the best places to source items for eBay:

  • Goodwill Outlets – Do not get the Goodwill Outlet stores confused with the Goodwill Retail stores. Outlets are where you will go and shop out of bins.  When you purchase your items you will pay by the pound.  For instance the Goodwill Outlet in Denver, CO is .99 cents per pound.  So, I can basically fill a basket full and walk out of the store spending $50-$75 dollars.  This is a great way to build up inventory when you are just getting started.  The down side to the Goodwill Outlet (also referred to as the Goodwill Bin Store) is that it is 99% junk, so you have to spend your time digging through the bins looking for that diamond in the rough.  It also a little dirty so if you are a germaphobe then I do not recommend you go.  If you do go I recommend taking a pair of thin gloves.  I will write a full post on how to shop the Goodwill Outlets.
  • Goodwill Retail – Please note that not all Goodwill’s are created equal, so you need to visit all the Goodwill’s around you and find that one that has the best prices and the best inventory. I visit 3 Goodwill’s in my area.  One has the best prices, one has the best inventory, and the other just because I can find an item every now in then.
  • School Auctions – Local school auctions are a great source for inventory. The government loves to spend money and they have to constantly upgrade equipment and use all of their funds per year or they lose the funding.  This means they get rid of perfectly good working items just so that they can replace it with a new and better version.  You can typically purchase items by the pallet, and get massive ROI off you investment.  TIP:  Go to the auctions in the nicer suburbs with big school budgets,  and stay away from inner cities.
  • Library Sale (Books, CDs, DVDs) – I use to find libraries that are having sells in my area. You can normally find books for .50-$2, and CDs and DVD for .25-$1.  This is a great place to source if you know how to scan books, cds , and dvds.  I will make a separate post and video on how to scan books to sell on amazon and eBay.
  • Garage Sales/Estate Sales – These are great because you can really haggle and get some good deals, and most people just want to get rid of the stuff due to lack of space so they are willing to bend on their prices. When it comes to Estate sales Sunday is normally the last day and everything goes ½ and you can talk them down even more.  With that said if there is something really nice at an Estate Sale you need to buy right when you see it because if you don’t someone else will.  Then, go back on the last day and bundle a lot of smaller items that did not sale and get them for pennies on the dollar.

I know that there are a ton of other places to source, and we did not even cover online avenues, but these are some of the Best Places to Source Items for eBay that I have found.  I would love to hear from you, so in the comments please list you favorite place to source inventory.